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Stainless Steel Filter & Strainers
Our products including air,gas & liquid filter,petroleum vibrating screen,filter mesh discs,filter elements,basket strainers,filter plates,and filter cloth discs,filter element,basket filters,
disc filters, etc.Whether your filter or strainer is an idea scribbled on a napkin over lunch, or a longstanding production run, Mutually Agreed Upon Design will result in the most
economical and cost effective solutions available. Call us or email us a drawing to start discussing your filtering and straining.Filtration is the process of using a filter to mechanically
separate a mixture of solids and fluids. Depending on the application, the solid, the fluid, or both may be isolated. Examples of filtration include a coffee filter which separates the
coffee grounds from the brewed coffee; the use of consumer water filters to improve the taste or appearance of municipal water; and the use of HEPA filters in air conditioning
to remove particles from air. This same method is used in nearly all industrial applications no matter if it is air, oil, water or natural gas.
Stainless Steel Metal Decorative Mesh
Decorative wire mesh is also named Architecture Meshes,Decorative woven mesh,metal fabric is weaved with high-quality stainless steel wire,aluminum alloy wire,brass wire,copper
wire or other alloy materials. It is a new decorative product in the modern industrial and architectural applications. Available in many different patterns, each with its own
characteristics and optical effect.Due to their multiple functional and aesthetic qualities, the decorative wire mesh is suitable for various applications In architecture and interior
design, metal fabrics are used for decoration as: Wire mesh facades;Shade screens;Architecture ceilings;Metal draperies for walls, partition and isolation screens;Staircases isolation
screen, elevator cabins screen;Floor covering fabric.
Stainless Steel Metal Safety Mesh
Our wide selection of stainless steel metal safety meshes includes stainless steel wire rope mesh,stainless steel insect screen,stainless steel welded wire mesh,stainless steel chain
link mesh,stainless steel security mesh fence,and stainless steel razor barbed wire.Stainless steel knotted wire rope mesh is used widely in zoo fences, animal fences, animal cages,
bird cage construction, marine parks, garden protection construction, park beautification and green decoration, safari, bridges, stadium fences, supermarkets, airports, exhibition
halls, acrobatics, opera houses, film and television props, municipal construction, playground use, metal curtain wall, indoor and outdoor architectural decoration, protective
engineering, etc. It is an ideal choice for modern decoration and protection.Stainless steel insect screen, also known as stainless steel window screen, insect screening, stainless
steel fly screen, security mesh, stainless steel bug screen, it is designed to cover the opening of a window or door.Stainless Steel Razor Barbed Wire is made of stainless steel plate
and stainless steel wire,raw material could be ss304,ss316,ss316L,Stainless steel razor barbed wire is available with a variety of blade styles: BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22,
BTO-28, BTO-30, BTO-60,BTO-65, etc. Standard Length per Coil: 450mm/8m, 500mm/13m,  600mm/11m,  700mm/12m,etc.The barb length, barb spacing and barb width can
be produced according to your specific requirements.

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